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What is Google Search History Analyzer?

In Google Search History Analyzer you can upload your Google Search History data, to share and later analyze it! If you upload your data here, you can use the Open Humans Notebooks to export the data in a meaningful format and do some quantitative analyses on them, which will hopefully be more meaningful than the .html file that you're getting from Google. For example you can use the Open Humans Notebooks to plot the top queries that you made, see how these change across time, or run any other analysis that you would like to see!

What kind of data does this project analyze?

The data analyzed in this project are Google Search History data, in the form of Google Takeout data. These contain the queries that you have made through your Google Searches. In particular, this data contain:

  • every Google search you’ve performed under your google account
  • the exact characters for each search
  • the date and time of each search
  • any links you followed as a result of each search

Please be mindful that depending on the terms that you have been searching for, your google searches may contain sensitive personal information. Examples of sensitive information are things like:

  • exact names of people you know – which can be used to identify you
  • places you might have visited (e.g. a search for “San Diego zoo hours”)
  • items you may have purchased (e.g. a search for “LED lamp recommendations”)
  • information related to your health (e.g .a search for “how to remove earwax”)
  • private information of other people you might have googled (e.g. email addresses you have searched for)
  • accidentally entering your own private information (e.g. accidentally pasting your own credit card number into google)

With that said, although technically we could get access to your google search history data, we have no interest in looking into your Google Search History. We only want to provide you with an easy way of uploading this data into your Open Humans account. Your personal data will be private by default, and you may choose to make them public if you wish so.

If you choose to join this project and upload your personal data these will be by default private. You can choose to make your data public if you wish so. In either case you can delete all of your data at any point through the Open Humans interface.

Please consult our About page for more information on the kind of data that will be stored in this project.

How can I access my Google Search History Data?

You can find more instructions on how to obtain your personal Google Search History data here.

Whom can I contact for questions related to this project?

This project is run by Athina Tzovara with support from Bastian Greshake Tzovaras. You can always get in touch with us for any questions, comments or concerns that you may have via email at or

How it works

  1. Log in or create an Open Humans account
    You can upload your data for Google Search History once you have done this.
  2. Authorize Google Search History on Open Humans
    This authorizes us to deposit your archive into your Open Humans account.
  3. Upload your data.
    You will be redirected back to Google Search History and can then upload your data. You'll be able to access & manage your data on Open Humans.
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Will my data be public?

The short answer: No. The longer answer: No, unless you decide that you want to make this data public. If that is the case then you can head over to Open Humans. and make the full archive data publicly available.

Have more questions? Read the full FAQ and About page .